Primrose Oil Company
Rock solid performance from the bottom up.
Mining operations require lubricants that can protect and perform under heavy loads and extreme pressures - day and night.

From open gears to the gearbox, Primrose lubricants offer the ultimate protection for both strip and subsurface mining equipment, keeping it in top condition long after other lubricants have failed. Our extensive lineup of products offers unmatched reliability and performance at every turn - from longwall machines, scoops, and loaders to trucks and draglines.

You can depend on Primrose's class of premium greases, engine oils and gear oils to increase the life of your equipment and decrease maintenance costs. Defend yourself from contaminants year-round with our Armor Plate greases, gear lubes, engine oils and hydraulic fluids, all formulated with Moly-D. Our Winter Power and Winter Klenz ID fuel additives and conditioners fight off the detrimental effects of harsh winter conditions on your engines. Gain fuel economy benefit with our Xtreme Torque®cetane enhancers.

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