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Start your construction on a good foundation.
Heavy duty equipment needs lubricants it can rely on.

Long term demands of bridge, highway, and building construction puts pressure on your lubricants to keep equipment up and running 24/7. Exposure and environmental conditions can lead to dirty injectors, fuel moisture, bearing failure, and internal/external rust and corrosion. Settling for inexpensive lubricants not up to the task results in equipment failure and expensive downtime.

Primrose's family of construction lubricants gives your equipment unmatched year-round protection - from dozers and dump trucks to scrapers and shovels. Our heavy-duty greases, hydraulic, engine oils, and diesel fuel additives keep all your equipment clean and running smoothly. Crush the extremes of winter with our Winter Klenz ID with Ice Check fuel additives and conditioners. Gain year-round fuel economy benefit with our Xtreme Torque®cetane enhancers. Specially formulated Moly-D greases, gear lubes, engine oils and hydraulic fluids bring reliability to the construction site.

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