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      442   GoMaster® Platinum

      Go-Master® Platinum 442 is a diesel fuel treatment built for the delivery of maximum performance year round. It accomplishes this feat by virtually eliminating today's diesel fuel problems. These can include lack of lubricity, high moisture content, high wax content, sulfur, and instability resulting in sludge, gum, carbon, acid and varnish formation.Some problems occur through venting of outside air and temperature changes, accumulation of water from condensation of water vapor in diesel storage tanks is a constant fight. Without the proper additives, water will collect, oversaturate in fuel and accumulate on the bottom of the storage tank. This provides a sanctuary for microbes, corrosion, filter plugging, deterioration of injector nozzles when the fuel is burned, reduced lubricity of fuel, and the potential for fuel-filter icing. Utilizing No. 442 to remove water in stored diesel fuel thus is imperative.

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