Primrose Oil Company
Engine Oils/Supplements

The American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Lubricant Standardization & Approval Committee (ILSAC) do a great job with the Service Categories specifying the minimum requirements for engine oils. At Primrose we believe that meeting and EXCEEDING the minimums is what our customers need and want. Not just out of the drum but way down the road. For Primrose's engine oils that meet and exceed API Service Categories, click on the red “button” and check out:

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil
  • Odyssey® 3400, Product No. 234, offered in a 10W-30 (CK-4 only) or a 15W-40 (CK-4/SN)
  • Odyssey® 3000, Product No. 229 for API CJ-4/SN, offered in a 15W-40
  • Odyssey® 2000, Product No. 219 for API CI-4 Plus/SM , offered in a 15W-40
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO)
  • Odyssey® 1800, Product No. 238 for API SN PLUS offered in a 0W-20
  • Odyssey® 1900, Product No. 239 for API SN PLUS offered in a 0W-30

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