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Lubricants engineered for the long haul.
Fleets & Transportation
Today's high-speed engines demand unparalleled lubricant performance. Soot, sludge, rust and other contaminants are compounded by longer distance hauls under the most extreme weather conditions. Conventional lubricants designed for the short-term can leave fleet owners and operators stranded under tight delivery schedules with increasingly tighter deadlines.

Primrose's scientists advance-engineer our lubricants to insure top performance in both current and future engine technologies. Our exclusive Moly-D greases, gear lubes and engine oils provide cleaner operation, longer engine life and extended service intervals. Maximize fuel economy and safeguard your engines during winter extremes with our Winterizing fuel additives and conditioners. For year-round additization use one of our fuel additives that contains Xtreme Torque® for a boost in fuel mileage.

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