Primrose Oil Company
Primrose Leadership
Change they say is constant. Today however, change happens at a faster pace than ever before. Since 1916, Primrose Oil Company has been at the forefront of the lubricant and fuel treatment industries. Primrose Plus, Premium Select, Syn-O-Gen®, and Enviro Blend® highlight our commitment of maintaining leadership in these industries. New technology, environmental and regulatory mandates, and most importantly, our customers' needs drive our cutting edge developments. Primrose Oil Co. is always conscious of providing a 'total value' product. Only the highest quality base stocks and additives chemistries are consistently used during development and manufacturing. This results in top quality products able to outperform normal expectations. Superior performance directly improves 'the bottom line' by reducing maintenance costs while increasing overall equipment productivity. Innovative engineering and consistent production of high quality products are cornerstones of our business. Another cornerstone is our people. We strive to instill in them the knowledge and understanding to be able to find the proper solution for the customer where he needs it most, in his place of business. Primrose Oil Company remains at the forefront of the lubricant industry. A changing technology base, changing customer demands, and a desire to meet the needs of the future, is keeping us on the move, movement that is carrying us forward today and tomorrow.

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