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      AlliCat Heavy Duty Transmission Lubricant
      501   AlliCat Heavy Duty Transmission Lubricant

      AlliCat 501 meets and exceeds the Caterpillar TO-4 Specification for transmission and drive train fluid requirements. Caterpillar states the need for TO-4 specification lubricants in current equipment for increased productivity and durability, higher bearing and gear loads, and new diverse friction materials. AlliCat 501 is a specialized fluid type that must replace all motor oils and torque fluids previously used in Caterpillar transmissions to maintain warranty protection. AlliCat 501 also exceeds Allison C-4 transmission requirements. Allison Transmission no longer approves the use of tractor hydraulic fluids which were previously approved under the Allison C-4 specifications. AlliCat 501 should replace these fluids in all Allison transmissions.

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